Enjoy these presentations on The Golden Age of Islam by Year 6.



The Golden Age of Islam – Y6 from Paul Cowburn on Vimeo.

Welcome back Year 6. The FINAL term before you’re all heading to HIGH school …

Our last topic is ‘Are you British or European?’ britain_eu_mashup

This topic is mainly geography based and the Learning Challenges which we will be studying are:
• How do plants grow?
• Why am I European?
• Do I want a holiday in Paris?
• Or would I rather travel to Spain?
• Where would I like to go in Europe?
During this topic we will be learning: how plants grow and the naming of parts; sampling food from a variety of European countries; using atlases to find countries; planning journeys and researching the attractions and possible destinations of a journey.


I’m looking forwards to seeing your research journals from the holidays, and listening to some of the GREAT adventures that you’ve been up to.


See you Monday


Mr C and Mrs M

Free orca

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Charlie L and Lydia C

WOW! What an excellent day we had on Thursday. Steve Delaney a.k.a ‘The Spook’ came to our class to deliver, The Spook’s Apprentice workshop! What an exciting day it way … just watch the video to find out … and what SUPERB writing the children wrote on Friday! Watch this space for more!

The Spook’s Apprentice from Paul Cowburn on Vimeo.

2014-03-14 10.24.41

Congratulations to Chloe C – WINNER of The Spook’s, Witches book (signed copy!)

Holiday anyone?

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WOW! Year 6 have produced some superb leaflets/advertisements/brochures this week, using the PicCollage app on the iPads, as part of their introduction to the Australian topic. Monday’s MIND MAP challenge was a great assessment – we know very little, which is great because that means there’s LOTS of AMAZING facts and discoveries for us to LEARN – so off we set on a researching journey, and what better way to do it that to go on holiday there. What can Australia offer for you? Would you like to holiday there now? or even EMIGRATE there? I know almost 100% of Year 6 now do!

Are these leaflets SELLING it to you?

AWS HB 1 CB 2 CC2 CK 2 CL 2 CW 3 DB KL 1 ED 2 EW 1 JK JB 1 LCosgrove 2 NB LH 3 RL 1


Well done Year 6


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G’day Year 6!


Isn’t time flying? It doesn’t seem two-minutes since September!

Well, I am very excited by this term’s topic – Should we emigrate to Australia? I certainly would! We will be focussing upon a little geography first, where Australia is, capitals, continents and culture etc… We will then look at some science – Why are Australians not standing on their heads? And then we’ll be looking at landscape, deadly creatures and any other areas that take your fancy.

Should we end the term with an Ozzie BEACH PARTY?



Facts on Australia

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The prime minister of Australia is: Tony Abbott

Australia is the sixth most popular country in the world


WW2 Bomb News Report from Paul Cowburn on Vimeo.

In an effort to inspire some excellent literacy this week I played, with the support of a few accomplices, a little HOAX on my class. We’ve been having some emergency gas works outside my classroom, with 6 foot holes across 10-metres of path. This was a perfect location for a trick. In the end, after a few ideas: UFO’s, discovered body, I decided to plant a fake bomb.

As the children returned from assembly, they were quickly ushered past the scene into class to be informed by Mr Johnsen, our caretaker, that they should stay behind closed doors until further notice. upon discovery of a mystery object hidden in one of the ditches.

5-minutes later, Paul Leah, the team leader of the National Grid team undertaking the gas work entered our classroom with his ‘machines’ to check for radiation etc… SUPERB!

After having last minute doubts, never though Year 6 would fall for this, we managed to trick them and write about it for most of the day, with some great writing and filming created.

What do you think?


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I have learnt that adding adjectives into a sentence makes it more interesting  and  without using a switch you can make a circuit ith a switch by just using a paper clip a split pin  and a pencil I love year 6dont want to leave Mr cowburn

every day I think about custard the smell of it the taste of custard. The smell of it the taste of it this story is about me and the fate of custard. In this world now custard is HORRIBLE! now it taste like I cant say it is to bad even for me. It is made from the sewer and know wonder it is bad. The person who runs the custard sewers is the evil Paul Cowburn… He has warts in his crumbly old face will I ever restore the custard code or will I go down with it “No”


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